Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This month – and the month after – is the month where fashion is not the main issue. No more nice shoes and sandals. They chose ‘selipar jepun’ instead. No more beautiful clothes. Rather put on something dull and old-fashioned since it gone to be wet after all. Pants are not to be left hanging beneath their ankles. Or else they will turn up being a – kind of – silly wet man in a wet trouser.

The monsoon season is not – really – a favored season (except if you’re a man with money, who turn out to be organizing the Monsoon Cup, who then, will get tonnes of dimes and bucks). No longer sight of ‘nelayan’ in the morn. There’re no longer happy birds singing. And no more ‘pokok mata kucing’ in front of my house (since it turns out to be dead few days ago). The clouds are dark and gloomy since past few weeks, and the sun only came out for about three days, before the sky turned to be dark again.

The rain poured heavily. And only stop for a while. And continue for 24 hours non-stop, before taking a break for about two hours, before it starts all-over again. That’s the routine for the past three weeks. Most of the areas are then affected by flood that required them to move to safer zone.

It’s all about the ability to indulge the obstacle given by Allah Azza wa Jalla. This rain is just a mere test, and it may be worse than the human being could imagine. Human hearts tremble for Allah has tested them, and only those with strong faith and believe will not turn from His guidance.

No kind of calamity can occur, except by the leave of Allah. And if any one believes In Allah, (Allah) guides His heart (aright), for Allah knows all things. [64:11]


I’ve just heard that my best friend’s mom died yesterday. I am utterly shocked. Hope Allah will give him strength to carry out the pain and sadness.

To every people is a term appointed: when their term is reached, not an Hour can They cause delay, nor (an hour) can They advance (it In anticipation). [7:34]


I’ll be departing from KT to KL tonight. At 10. Before grab a train to Malacca tomorrow. *SIGH*

Kinda exhausted since I’ve been here and there for this past few weeks. This is my second, or third time in KL since the break. The break which seems not like a break after all.

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