Thursday, December 11, 2008

When it comes to patience, it takes a person who really has great strength and braveness to endure all the hardship and pain. Not every person manages to face all sorts of things. Not every person stands to be happy though he is sad. Not every person has the ability to kill the awkward feeling and endure the challenge that he got to face. Not every person is gutsy enough to realize that he is dealing with the reality.

And be steadfast In patience, for Verily Allah will not suffer the reward of the righteous to perish. [11:115]

And the reward of patience is great. As Allah said in the Holy Book;

If only They had patience until Thou couldst come out to them, it would be best for them: but Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful. [49:5]

I just got to text my friend 2 days ago. Asking him how he was doing and all. He is brave enough for me. The way he copes with the feeling of sorrow, made me respect him. Big salute for him.

Me: Assalamu’alaikum WBT. Bro, I just heard the news. I’m hoping that you’ll be brave.
Iwan: Wa’alaikumussalam. Insya Allah. Thank you. Eleemosune her with Fatihah.
Me: Insya Allah. Where’re you right now?
Iwan: Klang. Why?
Me: Nothing. I’m on my way to KL right now. If I can make it, I’ll go and meet you up.
Iwan: I’m in Klang, my late mom was buried here. They held tahlil here. If you can come and join us, it’ll be fine.
Me. Insya Allah. If you need anything. Just tell me bro.
Iwan: Eh. I’m okay. Give alms to her is enough.

Conversation stops there.

(No need to raise up issue about sedekahkan Fatihah or Tahlil. My stand is real.)


I’m in Tampin right now. Arrived here at 11 last night. Getting ready for the program. Yeah!

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