Monday, December 1, 2008

Alhamdulillah, looking at the last semester result, I feel relieved and calm. I’ve been waiting for the result since the morning. The butterfly-in-the-stomach syndrome is like killing me most of the time. Anxiously waiting to see how my result gonna look like. Frankly, I can feel that I’m having my HBP – again – while waiting

I don’t have a heart to see my result. But, I realized something, that by one means or another, I have to face it.

Nak mengelak macam mana? Usaha sudah, tinggal tawakal sahaja. Dan apa-apa yang saya dapat, setimpal dengan usaha saya.

That’s what I’ve said to myself.

Allah is wise and great. He knows what the best thing is for me. Really, I never expect more. Too much sin and too much bad thing that I’ve made. Whatever that He gave me, I’ll accept. And I’m hoping that I’m strong.

Apa sahaja yang Dia beri kita terima. Kalau dia bagi banyak, kita ucap Alhamdulillah dan senyum. Kalau Dia bagi sikit takkan lah kita nak buat sebaliknya? Ucap Alhamdulillah dan senyum juga.

Remorse. That’s the word. But still, it ain’t gonna change a thing. But smile. And praise Him for whatever that you get (got).

Last semester is like a killer semester. 8 papers with no remedial gap between them put me in a stressful condition. With 2 subjects that will make me extend my studies – if I failed them – really make my heart pound with a strange pace, like it wanna blow.

Alhamdulillah, the result that I got yesterday is good, really good enough for me. Let me put it in this way; saya masih mampu bernafas.

Terima kasih Allah.

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