Saturday, January 24, 2009

The fact that we are so lucky is undeniable. We’ve been granted by Allah Azza Wa Jall with a lot of things, that sometimes we didn’t know how to appreciate. We’ve been blessed with life and the joy of faith towards Him. We are given with the comfort of Islam. And we’re entitled to bow to Him, to worship Him, for us to show our greatest gratitude towards Him.

But it is shameful that some of us are tend to forget, and failed to express our gratefulness, to have lack of thankful feelings toward our Creator. We are what we are. We are just His servant and we’ll always be.

My visit to Rumah Solehah in Cheras taught me something that I’ll never forget.

Lesson #1: To be grateful to Allah

It is hard for me to close my eyes and pretend to be blind. I went there with a thousand feelings. And I came back leaving not one of them. There are too young to understand. And they are surely too naïve to carry all the pain and feelings.
The smile that they shown are really nothing compared to the fact that they’re dying. All of us will die. But for them, the limit has been known. The smile on every single one of the children faces almost made me didn’t notice that they’re carrying a deadly virus in their veins. The way they talk and play, never distinct them from normal kids. They’re so innocent.

We’re given with a life to live with. And we are ought to live this life with something valuable and worthy at His sight. To do something that we can get benefits from it. From time to time, we are entitled to show our gratitude to Him. To feel proud and thankful that he blessed us with a good life that others might not even get to taste a bit, to live like us. To feel grateful that we’re living in a healthy condition, while others might be devastated.

Lesson #2: To never forget Allah

It every way or another, we are tend to forget, or to have lack of remembrance towards Him. While He is the one who created us, and put us in this condition. We forget to say Alhamdulillah, and most of the time, we’re even forget that we’re just a piece of dirt that have been brought to life by Allah. We forget to glorify Him. We forget to do this and that. What’s the point of being a servant if we’re tend to forget our master? Allah didn’t need us, now and forever. But we need Him, so badly.

Try not to forget him even for a while. Not to erase His name in our mind and soul. To have fear towards him at every second of our life. To feel ashamed if we are not able to remember Him, while others tried to fear Him, and ask Him to grant them with His bless at every moment.

Lesson #3: Never forget who we are

We are a servant. That’s we are. Allah is great

We are the created one; and we have a Creator. Glory is to Allah.

Lesson #4: Never look down on others

We’re just a piece of dirt. All of us. And He the one who created us with His intention. So never look down on other people. We are equal.

Lesson #5: Erase the stigma

Erase the stigma. They might carry deadly virus. But they are innocent. It is not a sin to love them. And they are too innocent to bare the treacherous feeling inside. Love them and care for them.

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