Saturday, January 24, 2009

The first ‘Kuliah Online’ in IIUM got a little disrupted since the Broadband that I’m using is not functioning well. In fact this has been going on and on for a few days. I wonder why? Got a little bit (yeah, a bit) disturbed since I have to work on GPRS to have a far stable (yet slow, really slow) connection to the internet. *sigh*

The service provided by DimDim is extremely good and handy since the user can follow the meeting arranged live, whether through voice or video. So, the person can enjoy and involved with the meeting.

But it seems that the good service just being corrupted by slow and really unstable connection.

Insya Allah, I’ll try to make it as good as possible for the next session. May Allah grant all of us the patience that we seek, smile that we craved and ease that we wanted.


I went to a seminar namely Interactive Dakwah Training (IDT) in Ampang last week. It is more like the FCR (Friendly Comparative Religion) program, besides the fact that they said that the info has been updated.

It is quite interesting to see the explanation given by the speakers. I’m really in to the exposure on the Hinduisme. Quite fascinating to know the facts of that particular religion which kept me smiling with the way the speaker elaborate the stories.

May Allah grant the organizer His bless and mercy.


I (not solely me, since I’m with my brother Abu Zubair) went to Tarbush after the IDT. Found out that the delicacies that they’re serving are quite good and delicious. :)



I’ve not been feeling very well since the day I came back from the IDT. :)

So, I’m not functioning very well and at the most excellent condition. Physically and emotionally.

Sorry for any inconveniences.


I lay my head low. Seeking for God’s forgiveness. Putting all of my hope that I will get one. Accompanied by a feeling of fear that I won’t get one. Turning this sense of afraid that I dig inside. I’m a felon, so I just hoping that I’ll get a blissful experience. And I’m hoping that God will never turn away from me and all of us. Abysmal record is the one that I’m hoping to avoid.

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