Wednesday, February 11, 2009

People tend to go down instead of going or climbing up. Maybe because going down, or falling down is so much easier compared to climb upstairs. Yes, logically (I don’t say scientifically) that human tends to feel exhausted while they are climbing the stairs, but not during they went down the stairs. Logically (and honestly), have you ever felt exhausted going down the stairs? Not as much as climbing it up right?

And people, Muslim especially, tend to choose to go downward (or backward) rather than upward. They expressed the downwardness feeling in their life, their career, study, this and that. And most of the part in their life, they are trying to carry themselves downward.


Like I said, it is far easier. A human with a sound mind – of course – will not choose for something that is hard or burdened them. Absolutely no.

But are we Muslims will always want to go downward? Just because we think that it is easier?

Going down is not all the time comfy and great. Since if you choose to always go down. You might end up going down all of your life. This life and hereafter.

And yes, since most of the Muslims felt that going down is far easier. They’ve chosen to commit sin(s). Choosing Hellfire – for them – is easier, since the Hellfire didn’t required them to climb up as the Heaven. All they need to do just go down, and down, and down until they reach the darkest bottom. It is easier. Don’t you think? Committing sin(s) is easier. Don't you think?

Yes indeed. For those who didn't have Faith in Allah, will definitely say that committing sin is easier than to avoid it.

The level of Hellfire is determined by the descending behavior, unlike the Heaven which is in ascending.

للنار دركات كما أن للجنة درجات

For the Hellfire is darakaat (descending level) as for the the Heaven darajaat (ascending level)

Now, still think that going down is easy and comfy?

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