Friday, June 12, 2009

Past two weeks taught such lessons. Lessons which I might say as an emblem of life.


Lesson #1

Get a life..

Stop annoying people. Stop insulting people. And stop breaking others heart.

Lesson #2

Life is unpredictable.

The person that you might love and care today. Might not be the same as tomorrow.

Lesson #3

Silly mistake that you've did might break other people heart. It might look easy and simple for you. But not for other.

Lesson #4

I wonder if it is too easy to ditch a friendship that you've carved for months and years.

God knows. God knows.

Lesson #5

Once a friend, you'll always be a friend.

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ashraflatif said...

Stop annoying people. But what about some people that we tend to be annoyed with?

Ariff Arifin said...

i think maybe we should start answering our own question.