Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm one of the Firefox-freak and have been using this browser since the early 2nd generation. Now Mozilla has taken another step ahead and introduced Firefox 3.5 which is faster and lighter compared to the last.

I like to share the extension or add-ons for this particular browser which you might find them useful in helping you and your browsing session.

1. Greasemonkey

Small, cute litte monkey. Yet useful.

It is a script manager that allows you to customize the webpage the way that you wanted. And you can install any scripts that you've wanted. For example. I've used Greasemonkey and FBPurity script to block any quizzes notification on my Facebook wall.

Install Greasemonkey
Download User Scripts

2. Adblock Plus

If you love to surf blogs and sites that contain annoying ads and banners, which might be disturbing and slowing your session. You can choose to install Adblock Plus. Just block any ads or banners that you didn't wanted and you can have a smooth undisturbed session.

Install Adblock Plus

3. TwitterFox

If you are a frequent user of Twitter, and using Firefox in the same time. And you sick with any dekstop application for Twitter. TwitterFox might be handy.

You can tweet directly from Firefox, send direct messages, or reply to your fellow Twitter friends for instance. Without having to run another application.

Install TwitterFox

4. Firebug

You are a web developer? Then Firebug is a solution. With Firebug, you can change, edit, or debug CSS, HTML and even JavaScript on any pages just in a instance.

Install Firebug 1.4 Beta

*Firebug 1.4 Beta is designated for Firefox 3.5. User of previous version may have a look at the release index here.

5. IE Tab

After you've installed Firebug to edit your website. IE Tab is a handy tool to check whether the edited website fit with IE or not. You can have a look how your website displayed in IE, just one click away.

Install IE Tab

6. ImTranslator

If you are browsing a website. And you didn't understand what it is about. Then ImTranslator is a good extension to help you translate it.

I've been using it to translate a few verse and line from the arabic web that I go. Although the translation isn't 100% correct. But it might become handy to make you understand.

Install ImTranslator

7. SkipScreen

I find this extension is very useful for downloading purpose. If you usually browsing through Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire etc. This extension can skip all the waiting.

Install SkipScreen

8. Vista-aero

If you are an IE ever user. And this is the first time you get your hand on Firefox, and still having trouble adapting with it. Vista-aero might be handy. It is a theme that adapt the interface of IE8 combined with Vista style.

Install Vista-aero Theme

9. Read it Later

You got work to do and can't finish your browsing session? Then Red it Later (afther this; RIL) can be a solution. Instead of bookmarking the webpage. You can just mark it with RIL. Just one click, and you've marked it. You can even save (cache) the webpage that you read and view it later, offline.

Install Read it Later

10. Download Statusbar

Sick with download popup window? Well then, the Download Statusbar is a good extension to eliminate the annoying popup window.

Install Download Statusbar

Enjoy the extension.~

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